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Aemepl manufactures and supplies the best quality Gynae Examination Table for hospitals and clinics at affordable prices. The Hospital Gynae table is available with leg-holding straps and fitted with a mattress on top for comfort. Our Gynae Examination tables are best for the comfort of patients as well as gynecologists while treatment.


Aemepl One Of The Biggest Manufacturer Of Examination Couch, Examination Patient Couch, Examination Gynae Couch, Etc

Best Examination Couch Manufacturer in India

Examination Couch & the other such products are mostly used in several hospitals & healthcare & these are used for numerous necessities. All these products are fabricated &made with a design using the advanced technology & even by using the optimum quality material which ensures about its perfection.

Aemepl is a well incorporated name in Manufacturers, Exporters &Importers of Examination Couch &Product in India and across the nation. The products are well known for outstanding performance & superior quality.

Examination Couch is specially structured for checking the pregnant ladies. It is used for monitoring any of the issue affecting the female reproductive organs or treatment of illnesses of the urinary area & urogenital structure.

Examination couch/chair should have required elements like folding, comfort, flexible, electrical, functionality & secure.

Hence Aemepl produces extensive range of optimum quality products and various breeds of Examination Couch available in distinct heights, size, colours & specifications like comfortable, easy operational, portable, surgical fulfil, etc.

Couches are fabricated with several materials like metal, iron, wood, steel, aluminium, etc.

We are one of the reputed medical equipment manufacturers, importers, distributors & exporters in India based at the heart of the nation Delhi. We render above to economical extent of hospital & medical products.

In other words, we present optimum quality products at very attractive price. Our products are imported by importers from different nations across the world.

Our examination couch & Hospital furniture are imported by several countries across the globe. We also give personalized hospital furniture as per the demand for mass quantity or orders.