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155 Kgs


70Lx24Wx24-30H Inch


Various Colour Available

General Use

Commercial Furniture


Massage/Pedicure/Manicure Tattoo/Medical/Spa


Synthetic Leather, PVC/ PU leather, Sponge, Wood, Metal


An electric hospital bed is a specialized type of bed designed for patients in medical facilities. Electric hospital beds are equipped with motorized features and adjustable mechanisms to provide enhanced comfort, convenience, and safety for patients and healthcare professionals. some common features of an electric hospital bed:

Adjustable Positions: Electric hospital beds are capable of adjusting various positions to meet the individual needs of patients. They can be raised or lowered to facilitate patient transfers, provide easier access for healthcare providers, or assist patients in getting in and out of bed. The bed's height adjustment feature is particularly beneficial for caregivers to prevent back strain.

Head and Foot Articulation: The head and foot sections of an electric hospital bed can be raised or lowered independently. This allows patients to find a comfortable position for activities such as reading, eating, or watching television. The adjustments also aid in preventing conditions like bedsores by changing pressure points and redistributing weight.

Wheels and Locking Mechanisms: Electric hospital beds are equipped with wheels for easy mobility, allowing healthcare professionals to move the bed within a facility. The wheels typically have locking mechanisms to ensure stability and prevent accidental movement when the bed is in use.

Remote Control: Electric hospital beds are controlled using a remote control device. The remote control allows patients or caregivers to adjust bed positions, raise or lower the height, activate the Trendelenburg function, and control other bed features conveniently from a distance.

Mattress Compatibility: Electric hospital beds accommodate various types of mattresses, including specialized pressure-relieving mattresses for patients at risk of developing bedsores. These mattresses work in conjunction with the bed's adjustability to provide optimal comfort and support.