Medical Stool Manufacturer supplier dealer in Jaipur


Aemepl is one of the most Certified Company, manufacturing Hospital Furniture, stool and OT Tables. We focus on producing Quality products to satisfy our Customer with our craftsmanship and after-sales services. Thus, continual skill development and innovation is central to our organization. Employing technological expertise in the design and development of newer products for a critical application, we have carved out a special space in the Hospital industry which has led us to achieve new heights in both National & International markets.


If you are a medical professional, you should be able to comfortably execute a wide range of movements to examine a patient. These stools ensure the comfort and efficiency of medical personnel. These high-quality hospital stools are an investment no healthcare facility can do without. It offers the ultimate ergonomic performance, including foot-controlled hydraulic operation, etc.

Medical stools are very important for any medical professional. There are so many factors that make it crucial to have. Some of the factors are mentioned below.

  • It maximizes the range of movement during medical examinations.
  • You can customize the stool at your convenience. Like you can adjust its height as per your requirement.
  • As medical work can be extremely stressful so you can be comfortable with it.
  • It improves your workplace aesthetics.