Hair Transplant Instrument Manufacturer supplier dealer in Jaipur


At Aemepl, we design and precision manufacture these Hair Transplant Instruments for Hair Transplant surgeons to greatly improve patient Hair Transplant results and increase overall efficiency for maximum usability and the highest end results available today. As a result, we are one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of Hair Transplant surgery instruments.

The Aemepl tools line helps guarantee numerous successful Hair Transplant procedures that medical surgeons and their patients take pride to showcase their end results hence our products are endorsed and recommended by the leading Hair Transplant surgeons of India.


Losing hair always leads to depression and forces one to feel weak even being outer strong physically & it becomes intense when one loses his/her hair in the young days & obviously that not only leads you look older but also less confident when it comes to dealing with the society.

There have been various procedures in the past few years to get back the hair naturally and artificially. The most recent in this list is the hair transplantation approach. This procedure has increased the immense popularity among the people in the last few years to get the hair back in a natural view.

Aemepl is also an established name in the world of  Follicular unit extraction (FUE) instruments & gives you all the high standard hair transplant instruments at very reasonable price. We offer an extensive range of FUE instruments which ensure the best results.

The instruments are manufactured with a sharp or blunt point as per the demand. Aemepl quality products are delivered to the customers at an affordable price thus our products are vastly preferred over opponents.

Several popular surgeons use mentoks manufactured instruments for superior results and less desolation.

At Aemepl, the instruments are manufactured under the strict monitoring to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality, turning it into an error-free manufactured product.

The presented range of instruments is made available in several shapes & sizes & its sharp cutting edges makes sure the lesser risk of follicular transaction.