Hospital bed Manufacturer supplier dealer in Bhopal


As one of the leading Medical Hospital Beds Manufacturers, AEMEPL manufactures and supplies quality and durable Medical Beds. We design beds keeping in mind the comfort of patients. Our beds are designed to provide patients with extra comfort, relief, and convenience during the time of hospitalization.
Medical Hospital Beds are among the most essential commodities every hospital needs to have. They let patients have more comfortable. These beds can be altered and adjusted for a better position for the patients. These adjustable beds allow bedridden patients to move their bodies and improve blood circulation.


Hospital is a spot that is known for providing key encouragement & treatment to patients amid calamity & perhaps a hospital bed is the most well-known piece in any hospital room or care giving environs.

Who doesn't know what a hospital bed is & what does it do! Hospital beds come in a vast range of shapes, sizes & specifications but picking the one which can assure simpleness makes it a Lil complicated.

Aemepl renders a great solution for a lightweight, noiseless, and flexible hospital bed. These are extremely cost-effective & lightweight designs which enables it easier to move around a home or ease place.

Aemepl offers lavish quality hospital bed which always renders the result beyond the client's expectation means best. It has ample of choices such as colors which are available according to the interior of the clinic & hospital.

These beds are suitable for hospital and clinic use such as surgery care, etc. Any of these models can be adjusted manually. Our range of variants of these beds consist of ample features such as ceiling, mobile, stand, wall mounted, and examination led light which is available as needed to the interior of clinic and hospital. Many of hospital beds range are operational via remotely and many manually.

As almost all the nations around the world is tackling with the coronavirus pandemic, the number of patients is increasing day after day and India is facing the same.

Meanwhile, patients from across the country need comfort while their treatment is done, so until they get discharged hospital beds for patients will help them out so much and these beds will not only help those who unfortunately met with this epidemic but also those who are facing any other.